Despite philosophers, depressed poets and novelists, I believe that there is meaning to life, and what’s more – we have it now today, to do with as we want, one day at a time and that’s a precious resource. “Life is what you make it” as my mother used to say.


I would like to suggest however, that without “Health” we cannot have meaning. I’m suggesting that to have true meaning, you need a degree of physical and mental health, but perhaps even more importantly, emotional and spiritual health.


We must change our perspective on health. Not only must we understand wholistic (yes the spelling was deliberate) health, but accept that disease is part of the whole, there’s a scale. It’s not black and white, night and day. We can’t have insight into our own health without these understandings.

Greed, dishonesty, arrogance, stupidity, laziness, and ignorance – I’ve seen all of these abuses in traditional and alternative healthcare too. Fortunately these shortcomings are balanced by many doing their best for the right reasons, often under “non-ideal” conditions.


But let us never forget as we deal with these issues, just how little any of us really know. Let’s accept that we will remain in awe at the body’s wonder, yet let’s never give up trying to seek its secrets and answers to our answers.

Let’s also remember to be teachable as we seek. A closed mind won’t be receptive to the findings presented by science. Let’s remember too, that true science is ‘trying to disprove what you already believe’ not the other way around. Honesty to ourselves is the only way to truly move forward.


There are several factors that work against us, second by second, yet miraculously our bodies put up an amazing fight. Our genetic constitution, for good or bad, influences help how well we fight back. Maybe we can’t change the hand of cards we were dealt in life, but it is certainly up to us to play the game in life as well as we can.

While there’s always commonsense to consider, we can look to a basic understanding of why we do what we do in the face of adversity – do we act now or wait until illness becomes apparent (and we ‘get’ ill).

In my opinion we could look at failing physical health in different levels and within different ranges.


Pro-active health or reactive disease care – the choice is ours but we need assistance, truth and practicality.

As a healthcare provider with an interest in healthy sleep I see healthcare systems going to great lengths not to see common diseases like Obstructive sleep apnea, insomnia and snoring as diseases – despite carrying an incredibly heavy healthcare burden on society.

I want to consider how we can improve this aspect of our health in simple and inexpensive, yet effective and practical. Physical health is still primarily an inside job with outside help.


Society may have come a long way since flogging the insane and locking them in asylums but speaking as a healthcare provider and member of humanity, I think it would be difficult to claim whether mental or physical pain is perceived as worse.

As an example, we still show incredible prejudice against mental disease frequently relating it to a weak emotional constitution rather than on a physical basis.


Half of the problem is in a lack of recognition of something we were trained to look at incorrectly, if at all.

The other half is in knowing what to do – or how to pay for it because of a “traditional illness” biased system. Mental illness is at least as common as physical, but healthcare systems often choose not to see common diseases as such – when they can.


We need to grasp a better concept of mental health in both others and ourselves to achieve the health-comes we seek for ourselves and society.

Mental health often requires outside assistance simply because a loss insight plays such a large part in it. I want to look at this aspect of our health so that we can improve this part of our health in simple yet effective ways.

Mental health often needs outside recognition but an understanding and willingness of the sufferer too. A major problem is that we have many models of health but questionably a model of mental health.


We need to get in touch with our emotions on a better than simply accepting that they are there. As we become healthier (yes like physical and mental health it needs work) they need exercise.

That is to say that we need to mentally exercise our emotions after they are healthy. Think of your emotions as your dogs which you are to take out for a walk. Are you healthy enough to take them out?

I want to look at the way we fit in and how we relate. How we deal with this aspect of our health. What do we need to know and how can we improve this part of our health in simple and effective ways. Emotional health is an inside job with outside help requiring a willingness which will bring untold benefits in life. This has historically been ignored as part of health accept as the quick fix – of “a positive mental attitude”


It has long been accepted by many of the greatest philosophers and scientists that there is a force at work that is greater than ourselves.

The cost of ignoring this is enormous, war, famine, cruelty and all the price we pay for ignoring this aspect of health.


Clearly, it may be a simple concept but in this fast paced life often driven by outside forces, spiritual health is not necessarily easy. For some, traditional religion provides solace yet many of us still seek meaning to our lives in the here and now.

This is an individual journey, yet the story remains the same. We walk together in this and helping people along the way is part of our journey. I want to understand this better too.