More important than money? II

As a business person, you often spend more waking hours thinking about your business than anyone else. If something goes wrong, you immediately think that it’s on your shoulders, this can be dangerous thinking.


As a business person, you spend more time than anyone else – that’s common enough – even if questionable in concept

Mental and Emotional Health

As a business person, you spend more waking hours thinking about your business than anyone else. If something goes wrong, you immediately think that it’s on your shoulders, this can be dangerous thinking.

It can lead you to believe that if you’re not working on your business all day, every day, the business will fail, and it will be your fault. 

Ensure that you know what you expect of yourself as well as those around you. While some people don’t seem to care or simply handle it better, maybe they just respect what isn’t a realistic expectation of themselves.  

Let others do their jobs and then go on and do yours.

Make sure the business is strong and research new ways to make it stronger and more successful, that’s what a leader does. Then “mind your own business.”

Get feedback from your team and always use a written game plan. Mentally you can’t afford not to!

Physical Health

Look after yourself, running yourself ragged is not an ideal way of setting yourself up to eat or sleep well either.  Watch what you eat, keep an eye on your waistline, again anything that makes you feel good about yourself, makes you feel good about yourself.

Do something active daily, even if it’s only walking,

Go to the gym (don’t just have the membership) or keep playing your favourite sport wherever you can. A successful approach to life from a mind based in success, requires a healthy body to back it up.

You don’t have to be a bodybuilder or superman (or woman), just set realistic goals. It’ll train you to do the same with your business and life. Consistency is the name of the game of the life.

Not feeling well? Be proactive and go to the doctor, why wait till something breaks? Your business (and your family) needs you well, the best that you can be. That means taking care of yourself so you can think lucidly and drive toward a successful future.

Time management

Entire books have been written on time management and we will return to this important subject later. In the meantime, let’s just remember that time is our greatest resource, but finite in nature.

Family and friends

You want to give your kids and partner a better life than you had when you were growing up, but fighting for another pound or dollar when you should be at home, often costs your family dearly.

If you think there are reasons why you’d rather be at work than home, you need to seek independent help in determining what they are, otherwise you’re missing the boat and they don’t sail often, sometimes only once in a lifetime.

Most people wish they could spoil their partner and kids with material things, but what your family really wants is you. 

Being there for them might mean you’re up so early that half of your workday is done before anyone else wakes up. That way by the time five o’clock strikes, you’re already back home.

No one said it would be easy, just worthwhile. Remember, the harder you work, the harder it is to retain insight.

If you’re spending all night at the office when your family is waiting for you, it’s not because you’re a hard worker. It’s because you’re failing at time management and setting boundaries.

When you amend your habits and become a truly high performer, you make more money and have more time for your family.

Friends are more important than you may think. Man is a social animal and needs support – even though we think we can do just fine on our own thank you! Sharing honestly with safe people is important. One of the first things that healthcare providers now ask after diagnosing a serious disease is what kind of social and family support do you have?

Work revisited

There are times when you have to spend longer at work than we’d all prefer, we are not all born in privileged circumstances. Now I try to enjoy a balance between online and offline “work” – and occasionally succeed.

I enjoy what I do and don’t see it as work (usually). Try to find what you enjoy because generally that’s what you’ll do better at and tends to be more fun.

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