As businesspeople we often put too much time and energy into our jobs and often don’t seem to reap the rewards we wanted.

However, while earning enough money is a necessity for us and our families, and our team members, who depend on you for their livelihoods, we must remember that some things are more important than money and ignoring them will make our money worthless. Here are the top five priorities over the income in our day-to-day work.


Happiness may be associated with money, or at least having an adequate amount, but we all know that money doesn’t bring happiness. Happiness can be a state of mind, a way of living not an emotion to experienced from time to time. We only go round on this planet once so it’s important to find what makes us happy, or at least what we can derive happiness from


Some may feel that it doesn’t make sense to add work to an article about happiness. Perhaps less so in one about things more important than money. For many, an adequate amount of money (financial security) does help us to be more confident about the future – but wait, “security is an illusion”.

Its been said that if you find something you enjoy doing, you’ll never have to work another day in your life. Some people love their jobs, some get by and some hate their jobs. If you get by or hate your job and cannot see changing what make you feel this way – look at your other options. Life’s too short to be unhappy!

There are many ways to work and many reasons to work. I share my time between online and offline work. Sometimes there are advantages to working from home.


Not necessarily religious faith per-se, although that can be part of it.

It’s the faith you have in yourself, your dreams and aspirations. It is so very difficult to maintain this faith when the “chips are down” and everything appears to be conspiring against you or your success. Without this enduring faith in yourself, it doesn’t matter how good your product or service.

Self-doubt can destroy people and all they stand for, some  that could have changed the world.

When it feels like the world has turned against you, it’s difficult to fight as hard as you used to.

A story told me recently (I forget the author) was about a man who walking along a road one day fell down a deep hole. He tried to escape but climbing the sides seemed almost pointless as the earth moved under his climbing feet.

He tried hard all through the day, his fingertips cut and bleeding. Early in the evening he managed to crawl out and limped home.

The following day despite his intention not to, he fell into the hole again. He struggled but in the back of his mind he remembered getting out the day before and so tried to be less worried, he did get out eventually, despite still getting dirty and bruised in the process.

He slipped at the edge of the hole on the third day and sure enough, found himself in the hole again. With the knowledge gained in the earlier days, he was able to get out and go home.

He carefully skirted the hole on the fourth day and did not fall into the hole!

On the fifth day he chose to go home a different way.

If the world appears set against you, use the fact that you’re an expert at learning to navigate what life throws at you, “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger” is easy to say but not always to accept and live – allow yourself the time to reflect on your achievements. Write them down, the written word is powerful and failing that do what the sign on my desk says …..

When nothing goes right - go left.

Stephen Bray 2020

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