Look Good Feel Younger

Life is a series of experiences.

This life we have is unique, special and valuable. What we choose to do with it is unique too, yet the influences upon us, are sometimes overwhelming.

Our environment, our relationships, previous and present circumstances complicate that which appears should be simple. Life is simple, but it’s not always easy.

Our lives and the decisions that go with them are made on a platform that is wholly unique too, that’s you. Just like a snow flake, you look similar to all the others but on closer inspection, you’re unique.

Life is a series of individual yet common experiences.

We may all look the same on the surface but as a sentient being, you remain an individual. I remember an inviting Bar Sign in Las Vegas that read – “Come in and make friends we’re all the same here – unique.”

To play the analogy a little further, life has been described as “We’re all the ocean together – however not necessarily all in the same boat.”

Life is a series of individual lessons that we call experience.

Looking back, I think that I’ve learned somethings along the way. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending upon your viewpoint) , they were often made ‘the hard way.’ Still, I believe it was Edison who of his many unsuccessful attempts at inventing the light bulb.

 "I have not failed 6,000 times.  I have
successfully discovered 6,000 ways to NOT make a light bulb."

Of life, health and happiness, I would like to suggest consideration of some of the things that I found valuable along the way. There will be many who have overcome far greater hurdles than I, and done it quicker or better – there have been many that haven’t nor will, but these are all lessons along the way. I hope that I can help you along the way.