Financial – freedom

What do I mean when I say ‘financial freedom”? When I was younger I had dreams, and through honest hard work, integrity and persistence I was fortunate enough to realize many of those goals and dreams for myself and my family.

My family and I achieved a very desirable lifestyle and I considered myself very fortunate indeed.

I’d reached a point that I wanted to give back to my profession, partly because I could see the need, and in hindsight, partly because of pride at what I’d achieved in skill and knowledge, so you can imagine then, that I was hurt and disappointed when I discovered that my business and dentist partner had been helping himself to funds he was not entitled to.

I remember well his words when I called him out, “that’s business Steve” he said.

The one thing that’s almost impossible to repair is trust and rather than waste my time I left, even though I’d built the practice. Family circumstances supported a move back to the UK where I started – and achieved it again.

After writing and teaching in the UK, I decided to build a post-graduate dental training facility and went into partnership with another dentist – which turned out to be a very poor decision based on my head, not my heart.

A very capable businessman without morals or scruples ( – in court later, he accused his wife of financial irregularities – for which he was solely responsible), he embezzled us taking hundreds of thousands from the bank (yes even the bank!) and the leasing companies too, and yes he got away with it all (financially).

The result to us was devastating, and the financial and emotional stress of losing everything including our home was difficult, but we learned a great deal about ourselves, our own strengths and values.

Why am I telling you this? Because, I know what it’s like to be financially “secure” and I also know what it’s like to have your ‘financial security’ removed.

I sought solace in achieving greater knowledge and went about teaching, privately, in dental schools, universities and sharing. This was fine for making a ‘living’ but I realized that I need something outside my chosen career to allow me to do the things I wanted in my retirement (not that I really ever want to “veg-out” in a retirement anyway).

Repeating what I’d achieved in the previous 20 years wasn’t a realistic option this time, not the least because of the the financial investment required to start over again.

I needed a viable option that allowed me freedom to be me, freedom to earn money and above all freedom to make money ethically and without calling on people, and “selling” things or going against my own values of treating others as I would be treated myself.

I wanted another opportunity to fulfil my goals, many of which had changed since I was in my twenties. I was, perhaps understandably, a little more risk averse this time, so how could I achieve this?

If you’re 55+ and you want to work for yourself with freedom in time, and money – basically the desire to work and earn money, when, how and with whom you want and all without “betting the farm”

I genuinely think you should look at the security that an “online business” can provide you and your family, this is the approach we took.

Being 55 plus is not too late, you’re not too old.

Having no experience or technical knowledge is not a hurdle that can’t be overcome.

Initial investment is about as low as you can imagine any business to be, as you can leverage other people’s investments.

You don’t need to employ staff and lease a building from which to work.

I’m still learning and will willingly share my successes and my setbacks, along the way – as I’ve always done in the past. I don’t think anyone should suffer the fear of not having enough money as they get older.

If you aspire to capturing your dreams now, it’s not too late. Investigate this, you have very little to lose and a tremendous amount to gain. You can approach it full-time or part-time. The only thing I regret is that I didn’t do it sooner


What would you do differently if you had control of the monthly income of your choosing?

Would you enjoy other sports or hobbies, spend more time sharing with your family, travelling or go out and buy the “toy” you always wanted, or simply live with more financial peace-of-mind? I believe that this is the freedom that we all deserve.

Spending time with the family?

If you’re interested check out the videos. Don’t worry about anything except the principles at work and how they could work for you and your family. Watch it all and if you have any questions – ask. My door (email) is always open.

If you’re 55+, and want to enjoy your life, earning money ethically and within your value system, when, how and with whom you want and all without “betting the farm” – click on the image above and check out the future that an “online business” can provide for you and your family.