What is Lifestyle?

What exactly is do we know what we want ours to be?

I think that most would agree that our chosen lifestyle is largely based on our beliefs and what we’ve done in the past, the rest of it is perception (and ‘luck’). We live partly by design and partly restricted by our own perceived limitations. The goal is to strive toward being the best you can be, but also to acknowledge what you really want and to integrate that into your life, for, as they say, ‘we have but one life to live’.

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Ageing and Longevity

Anti-aging is a desirable component of longevity, as of course, is health, (true) wealth and happiness. If perception is part of cognition, a chosen attitude may be the ‘chosen result’ regardless of the outside perception of others. Clearly, attitude can complement physical health, but this appears to be but a component.

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Your pancreas.

Model of body showing pancreas organ

What you need to know about your pancreas

Abstract: The pancreas is an organ of great significance – poorly recognised, it has great effect on the body both in health and in its own disease. Insulin is produced by the pancreas and diabetes remains an epidemic in the developed word. Pancreatic cancer is despite the benefits of early detection in any cancer, not always an easy candidate for this. yet poorly recognised as such.

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