Antioxidants II

I feel strongly that antioxidants are a valuable way of helping to offset the effects of the oxidative process, likely impacting beneficially on disease and aging. It’s fair to say it’s not the only factor but I have good reasons to believe in their benefit.

Antioxidants II

What can antioxidants do for me?

Where do I get my antioxidants from?


Clearly naturally occurring foods must play a part, it may well be, that without a reasonable diet, the effects of antioxidants may not be optimized. On the other hand, studies show clearly that to get optimal and appropriate antioxidants is not possible by way of diet alone.

Supplementation of a healthy diet becomes appropriate for those wishing to optimize their types, combinations and doses of antioxidants.


Now, here we hit a psychological barrier. Commercial concerns are still at work and while the outlook, beliefs and ethics of pharmaceutical giants may be excessive (please forgive my cynicism), they have muddied the water for many healthcare providers.

Many doctors believe everything that multinational pharmaceutical drug manufacturers claim, yet won’t give consideration to other more studied, and better proven nutraceuticals, products.

What antioxidants do I need

Generally, antioxidants in the right form, with the right diet, in the right combination and the right dose.

How do I know I’m getting the antioxidants I need and at the right dosage? You don’t, sometimes you have to rely on common sense and a balanced view of the “pros and cons”.

I like and use Pharmanex antioxidant supplements myself, hence the product’s inclusion below. I like the standard LIFEPAK as a base for a daily regimen.

If you’d like to know more – please click on the image below

There will be people who go to great lengths to review these details, but it becomes quite difficult to optimize what scientists have been doing for years.

Do they contain supplements, are they supplied in the appropriate and purest form?

I took handfuls of supplements at one time, trying combinations and doing the best I could with the knowledge I had at the time, but there are other things in life too, so I investigated certain multivitamin combinations and the best I found were those sold through a company called Pharmanex.

Again, commercial issues arise as despite their role at the forefront of scientific and practical nutrition in this area they are still an arm of a SLM company. However, in my quest to get the most appropriate supplements for me, I started taking them 20 years ago.

I stopped at one time due to factors outside my control and  a few years later was diagnosed with cancer. 

Was this a factor in the cancer diagnosis – who knows, maybe, probably not.

Would I have got cancer if I had continued taking antioxidants? I don’t know.

Knowing what I know now, would I take the risk of not taking my antioxidant supplements – NO – I’d have continued to take them daily as I do now.

For me, my regimen may not be the cheapest but I know they’re scrutinized, have a long track record, scientifically formulated and ingredient balanced and come in an easy to take form.

For me its just something that makes good sense, I’m just going to carry on doing it, because it works!

While I am an affiliate for the brand, I took them for years prior to this and would do the same thing, take and recommend the same brands to others, regardless of this. This is an area that then looks after itself. For me its simple to take and then I can forget about it!

Are antioxidants really ‘that’ important to good health and anti-ageing?

No-one really knows for sure although lots of people believe they do. Scientific research does seem to support it strongly, however. From a commonsense viewpoint, if you consider the chemistry, physics, call biology and physiology I believe they are absolutely crucial to any attempt at disease prevention and anti-aging regimen.

Alas, many are simply not interested. I was surprised when a few years back I was asked by Cancer Research UK which antioxidants were recommended and the people I spoke to either hadn’t heard of antioxidants, didn’t know what antioxidants were or didn’t know there was any implied connection.

OK, so what should I do next?

You can get them over the counter. The benefit of getting them here through Pharmanex is that there is an ‘optimally balanced dosage combination’ (OBDC). While it makes sense to boost anti oxidant levels, OBDC is a safe approach, hence the value of this product. Remember, if one is good, a hundred is not necessarily better. Water is absolutely necessary for good health, but you can also drown in it if there’s too much!

As no-one really knows what every single individual needs, this combination has been perfected over years of trial and study – it’s a matter of deciding what makes sense to you.

I can endorse this, for me, this product works and is worth taking as a dietary supplement to reduce the tissue damage and disease potential caused by the normal passage of time, and in so doing by reducing cell oxidation provides a realistic and scientific approach to our anti-aging.

This is by prevention but may also reverse the signs of aging too. Not to avail ourselves of the value of this product would be, in my opinion be to miss an opportunity for an easy, yet effective way of looking good, feeling younger and living longer.

Dr. Stephen Bray 2019

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