Antioxidant Health

ANTIOXIDANTS – an unsung hero in the maintenance of our health.

There is very strong evidence that the redox reaction, (or intra-cellular oxidation) plays a significant role in the aging process, just as inflammation does.

We can’t change our genetic make-up but we can avoid inflammation and cell oxidation. Anti-oxidants may be the secret!

There are enormous benefits to the inclusion of natural foods and anti-oxidant supplements to the diet.

This reduces or eliminate what is likely one of the more significant factors in aging and disease, by reducing cell and tissue damage, during the redox reaction.

Antioxidants and anti-ageing

Well, we’ve all heard of them but what exactly are they, what do they do and how do they work? Basically, what’s the big deal?

What are antioxidants

Antioxidants are a group of chemical compounds, some of which are manufactured within the body, some occurring naturally in certain foods.

They work together in combination as a network to maintain health and protect the body against the damage associated with free radicals which are part of living yet have the ability to damage our tissues. Free radicals are produced constantly by the body just by the metabolism and process of ‘living’. Look at them as a waste product of life.

What are ‘free radicals’?

While they sound like a political splinter group, Antioxidants are a poisonous by-product of living.

Breathing is getting oxygen into your lungs (and carbon dioxide out) but the process of respiration goes deeper into physiology – it  is the process from where oxygen is breathed in – all the way through to where the cells take in and use this oxygen to produce energy for the body to use. It is at the stage of energy production that free radicals form.

The body is under constant attack from oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is an imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants within the body causing damage to the recipient cells, proteins and DNA. 


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Free radicals are ‘unstable’ oxygen-containing molecules with an uneven number of electrons – which means that the equilibrium of electrical charge becomes unbalanced and the spare particle of power goes on to damage other healthy tissues

What do antioxidants do?

Antioxidants are molecules that can donate an electron to a free radical without making themselves unstable. This causes the free radical to stabilize and become ‘safe’.

Are all antioxidants the same?

There are individual variations in different individuals but all act toward the same goal. It is also important to understand too, is that they act in co-ordination with others. In many cases, “one plus one equals three.”

Therefore, I would say that it is  fair to say that the type, amount, combination and source must all be considered.

A table topped with different types of food on a plate

Description automatically generatedSupplementation of a healthy diet becomes appropriate for those wishing to optimize their types, combinations and doses of antioxidants.

Unfortunately, as antioxidants appear to have less financial, traditional and governmental support than the patentable “cures” manufactured by multinational pharmaceutical drug manufacturers, these papers rarely reach the “peer reviewed” journals. This may be a time to consider a pro-active rather than reactive approach to dietary health.

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Description automatically generatedWe live in an age where many speak volumes about nothing with great conviction based on less.

Clearly antioxidants in natural foods must play a part, indeed it may well be, that without a reasonable diet, the effects of antioxidants may not be optimized. On the other hand, studies show clearly that to get optimal and appropriate antioxidant levels is not possible by way of diet alone.

Many doctors surprisingly believe everything that multinational pharmaceutical drug manufacturers claim – yet won’t give consideration to other equally studied, and often better proven nutraceutical products.

A nutraceutical product is defined as a “food, or part of a food, that provide medical or health benefits, including the prevention and treatment of disease”.

Generally, antioxidants in the right form, with the right diet, in the right combination and the right dose provides just this boost.

I use Pharmanex antioxidant supplements myself – hence the product’s inclusion below. I like the standard LIFEPAK as a base for a daily regimen. While I have a financial involvement, I do it because I genuinely believe in it. I’d be a richer man if I stuck to traditional healthcare!

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For me it’s just something that makes good sense, I believe it continues to help me and because science and common sense support the value of antioxidant protection I will continue to do so while recommending the approach to others too.

For me its simple – take these supplements and then I can get on with my life!

Are antioxidants really ‘that’ important to good health and anti-ageing?

YES, I genuinely believe that they are.